1. Making recipes at home has always been an interesting topic.

2. Butter chicken has been a favorite food of most Indian non-vegetarians.

3. Mutton Do Pyaza is a uniquely delicious dish due to its abundance of onions.

4. Dal Makhani is one of the quintessential Indian dishes that is loved by people.

5. Makhmali Koftas will surely make you lick your fingers with its velvety and creamy recipe.

6. Egg curry is a delicious food made from curry, garlic, onion, lots of kasoori fenugreek, fresh cream, curd, and fresh coriander.


7. Keema Biryani, a delicious meat dish.

8. Aloo dum is a quick and easy recipe for guests!

9. Fried fish will give you your daily portion of complete protein.


10. A good recipe enhances the flavor of food.