After the Blue Whale game,pubG game  may now be closed in India
PubG Game

After the Blue Whale game,pubG game  may now be closed in India

Hello friends, I am your friend, Amit singh,  Friends, today we are talking about a game about which game is becoming very dangerous for us. Yes, friends, a mobile game that is very dangerous for us .Being proven dangerous is Pubg name .so you must hear that your friends are a mobile game In India, people are getting addicted to this game. In the recent days, we heard people say that a child in Delhi who wanted a mobile to play this game wanted that child to play that game in that mobile. It was a good experience, so the child wanted to buy a mobile whose budget was around 32000 rs. but their parents wanted to give them a mobile of 20000 rs in which the child could play Pub G mobile .Has had to play PubG game in the mobile .The child became so angry experience was good That mobile And suicidal.Many such incidents have taken place due to this game, so many places have started banning this. Many schools in Gujarat have been banned in colleges. Before this game there was a game called Blue Whale. Because of this, too many incidents had happened, then the government had banned the Blue Whale game.On the day of the game due to the presence of a pubg game, the incidents are happening so that the government can ban the game on the public too, so friends, if you are playing a pubg game then you can play as much as possible. A few days later, May seem.After the Blue Whale game,pubG game  may now be closed in India
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